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iStock_000003459835XSmallSnappy Lube and it’s associates have a mission to always deliver exceptional customer service with the highest level of integrity. We are committed to finding and training friendly employees that you can trust. Snappy Lube associates understand that it is their duty to serve you in a trustworthy manner. What does this mean to you as a customer? It means that you can relax.

Too much of life is spent wondering if the individual “helping you” is actually helping you. In many of these transactions, it is apparent that the person on the other side of the exchange is more concerned with what he or she stands to gain. At Snappy Lube, your need is elevated. Our managers and associates are here to serve you.

The Snappy Lube team understands that our customers cherish their time and we intend to save you as much of it as possible. Unlike garages and dealerships, Snappy Lube is staffed to get your vehicle in and out quickly. The maintenance of your car should not take hours out of your day, only minutes. Stop by and let us demonstrate our ability to service your car in a “snappy” manner.

Our knowledgeable technicians take the pain out of maintaining your vehicle. Every time you stop in to see us, we will examine your car from top to bottom and give you a full report that you can use to determine how you would like to service your car. No pushy salesmen here, only hardworking technicians providing the wisdom of their experience to you. In an age when there is no time to sit down and read a lengthy owner’s manual, you need someone who understands your vehicle and is working to help you maximize its life. If you have questions about proper service, we have the answers.

During your visit, you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee in a spacious waiting area. We have left the TV remote and a newspaper for you. Another uncommon item you will find at your neighborhood Snappy Lube® is a super clean bathroom for you and your children. We have worked hard to prepare a cozy area for you. The Snappy Lube team hopes you can relax for the short time that you are with us.

We hope to see you soon!



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