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iStock_000003465384XSmallSnappy Lube® offers reliable state inspections for all counties located in North Carolina. Depending on your county of residence, your local Snappy Lube is staffed with DMV-licensed inspectors and is ready to perform your Snappy State Inspection®. Every state inspection will also receive a complimentary service review upon request which includes:

  • Windshield washer fluid checked and topped-off
  • Transmission fluid checked and topped-off
  • Power steering fluid checked and topped-off
  • Coolant checked and topped-off
  • Battery water checked and topped-off (as applicable)
  • Inspect transmission and transaxle
  • Inspect front and rear differentials
  • Inspect serpentine belt
  • Inspect engine air filter
  • Inspect cabin air filter (as applicable)
  • Inspect front and rear wiper blades
  • Inspect all exterior lights
  • Inspect fuel filter and fuel intake
  • Inspect and lubricate chassis (as applicable)
  • Inspect tires for safety and proper rotation and balance
  • Vacuum vehicle floor boards and seats
  • Clean front windshield
  • Check and properly set tire pressure

Finding a shop that can perform a state inspection in North Carolina is not difficult, but finding a team that will treat you better than the Snappy Lube crew is sure to require more time than you have to invest. Bring us your next inspection and let Snappy Lube® demonstrate the definition of exceptional customer service. You deserve it!

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