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iStock_000007359273XSmallThe differential is responsible for distributing power from the transmission to the wheels of your vehicle. Because differentials control the amount of torque sent to the drive wheels of your car, they produce a substantial amount of pressure, heat, and friction. This combination of pressure, heat, and friction causes the additives in differential fluid to gradually breakdown. As the fluid breaks down, small metal gear shavings and clutch material begin to break away. These impurities mix with the deteriorating fluid. Water is also a common contaminant of differential fluid.

Snappy Lube technicians can assist you with the service necessary to preserve your differentials. We will remove and inspect your check and drain plugs for damage, evacuate your old contaminated differential fluid, refill the differentials using the manufacturer’s recommended viscosity of the proper type fluid for your vehicle, and safety check your plugs and differentials for any type of leak.

Properly servicing your differentials will minimize wear, protect against bearing and gear failure, guard against corrosion, and prolong the life of your differential.


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